Marsha Simmons


Being an agent and broker gives Marsha the chance to help others find

the home of their choice while providing a background of trust, confidentiality

and integrity.

Marsha has an extensive background in the financial world, including

bookkeeping, lending, and credit union branch manager. This experience

makes her very aware of the importance of staying in budget but also seeing

outside the box.

Having lived in many different places, Marsha knows the importance of

having a person you trust to buy or sell a home and to help lessen the stress

of either. Marsha has lived in North Carolina since 2013 but grew up in Alaska

before moving to Colorado and then Europe. She and her husband enjoyed

having marvelous travel opportunities that continues on today. 

Beside traveling, Marsha enjoys reading, quilting, painting and other

arts and crafts. She donates her time and skills to teach art classes at Ft

Bragg and Pope AFB as part of their team building efforts.