Marissa Cartwright

Whether you’re thinking of Buying or Selling, or even both, I want to caution and advise you to not share any information about your own motivations until you have reviewed Working with Real Estate Agents because I do not want you to be at a disadvantage when negotiating the sale, or purchase of your home. Once you understand how I work for my clients and if you think it’s a relationship that will beneficial to you we can explore and evaluate your needs and motivation as well as evaluate the current market in your area.

I hold a certification as a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), designated Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE©), and Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). I strive to provide exceptional professional expertise and customer service to clients. I am a member of the National Association of Realtors® which holds us to the highest ethical standards, setting us apart from other agents and enabling access to the Multiple Listing Services or MLS

If you’re looking to Sell: I look at factors changing in the market, I do this by exploring the current market for your area: what’s selling, their price points, time on market, and supply and demand trends to name a few. Analyzing the macro and micro markets and the economic principals behind buyers and sellers markets may put you at a strategic advantage. I work with staging professionals to make homes appealing to buyers and pristine for marketing photography. Marketing homes through all facets of social media and search engines like Zillow, Facebook, Instagram, as well as YouTube, and other traditional marketing methods, keeping constant communication open with clients and apprise you of all the activity on your home. You can reach me any time with questions and concerns. I work for you! It is my job to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in every aspect of this business relationship, throughout the process of the sale transaction and final closing.

If you’re a Buyer: I would love to represent you to ensure that you are seeing homes on the market that meet all of your needs and wants! Most importantly I want you to be assured that I am negotiating for your benefit and are representing you throughout the search for your home, negotiation of contract, the entire escrow process discovering and disclosure of every reasonable facet, brining you to closing. Our Military families are also so important, Military Relocation to Coastal North Carolina doesn’t have to be stressful! Having also been through the process as a military family personally and with past clients, I know how it works and want to ensure for you as smooth a process, and educate you on what may potentially be a completely new housing market that you're looking to move to.

Buying and selling a home can be one of the most stressful transactions as well as the largest an individual may ever experience. No transaction is the same and the housing market is ever changing, have someone competent on your side working exclusively for you!

My team is comprised of talented individuals brining a lot of expertise to the table. Camille Fullmer, of Camille Fullmer Realty, has a combined 12 years Real Estate experience, and is a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor. I join the team brining my background in finance and statistical analysis. I hold a BA with majors in Economics and Psychology, as well as a minor in Chinese. I started in Brand Equity quantitative analysis, later moving on to become a Financial Advisor and Investment Representative in California. I suffered the loss of my husband, Charles Cartwright, who was Killed In Action in Afghanistan while operating with 1st MARSOC Raider Battalion. Thereafter, I left the Financial field and moved into my own personal real estate investing, later relocating with my family to coastal North Carolina. I proudly support the Special Ops Survivor and Raider Foundation.

I also hold a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 1st Degree Black Belt in Hapkido, I’ve been know to competitively ballroom dance, and catch a few waves out on my long board! Lately soccer games with my kids and time spent helping out clients has filled up my free time.