Christofer Landeros

Of all the places I could've moved to in the country after I retired from the US Army, I chose the North Carolina Coast. I went through the process of buying my first home and realized this is where I can make a difference. I could help people achieve their goal of owning a piece of this land that we love. I became a real estate agent to help you during one of the biggest financial decisions of your life because buying a home can be a scary process which I have learned to navigate. I learned this process for you, so that I can help you in your journey.
Después de jubilarme del ejército de los Estados Unidos, busque casa en esta costa prístina. Comprando nuestra primera casa fue un proceso asustadizo. Estudié para ser un agente de bienes raíces para ayudar a la gente comprar o vender casas y que no se sintieran como nos sentimos nosotros. Estoy para servirles en todas sus necesidades de bienes raíces.