The market is showing huge signs of improvement over the past year in the 28443 zip code. Hampstead is one of the fastest growing areas in our state and anyone who drives through the area can see new construction is booming with new homes and businesses popping up everywhere.

In Southeastern North Carolina Hampstead has the best of all zip codes with the average selling price of $283,955 increasing by 21.0% since last year. For sellers, 48% of sellers in the 3rd Quarter of 2014 paid some kind of concession. Average list price has increased 21.9% since last year to $292,854 with average number of days remained on market was 114 days compared to 120 days for end of year in 2013.
If you have been thinking of buying or selling now is truly the time. With an increase of over 20% in only 8 months its clear property values are rising and appears to be a tread that will only continue.