In today’s market it is essential to incorporate home staging into the marketing of any

property. Staged listings are selling at a faster rate than non-staged properties, most

within the first month listed. Faster sales lower the holding costs of maintaining the

property. This will save the seller money spent on the mortgage, utilities and taxes

associated with the property while it is on the market.

Staged homes often appraise at a higher value. Increasing the perception of the value of

the property through home staging allows the owner the potential for a greater return on

their investment, while the buyer is able to visualize the property at its best.

Many home buyers begin their search for a new home online. Using search tools they can

narrow their choices, from there home staging, photos and videos will set your property

apart from the rest. Allowing prospective buyers the chance to view or even virtually

walk through your property with just a click anytime at their convenience. The staged

environment will make the property appealing to a greater number of potential buyers

and enable them to envision this property as their new home.

So if you are looking to sell your home for its full value and would like to sell it fast

make sure to consult with a professional home stager. If hiring a professional is out of

your budget here are a few tips to stage your home on your own.


1. Pack away any personal items and clutter. Photos and clutter make it harder for

your potential buyer to see your rooms as their potential new home. The monthly

price for a storage unit is not expensive and the best way to store all of your

clutter and sentimental belongings.


2. Rearrange rooms to keep them neat, clean and organized. This allows the

potential buyers to visualize what they would use the room for.


3. Stay on top of cleaning during times the property will be showed by agents and

allow a fairly open schedule for viewing. The last house anyone wants to buy is

one that leaves a bad first impression or is impossible to schedule appointments

with. Make sure the property is looking its best, even if you need to spend a little

money to touch up paint on walls and molding and steam cleaning.


4. Enhance your curb appeal by ensuring your home is looking its best inside and

out. Get that pressure washer out and manicure your lawn and garden areas.

Adding some fresh mulch will help keep your beds neat and tidy. Also make sure

you can clearly see your house numbers from the street view.