The time has finally come for Hampstead, NC residents to see a little less traffic on the main road of Hwy 17. NCDOT has approved for a bypass in Hampstead, NC to start in New Hanover County with an interchange of the U.S. 17 Wilmington Bypass and will extend into Sloop Point Road. Bypass is proposed to extend behind Topsail Schools and interchange at Hwy 210 as well. The $152.2 million project has current plans to undergo construction as soon as the year 2020. This part of the construction has been combined with another project in Hampstead which is to place a median in Hampstead. Some residents see this as a huge safety measure, while others find it as a waste of money. It’s no secret that Hwy 17 through Holly Ridge and Hampstead are overflowing with heavy traffic. A bypass could eliminate commute times, traffic, and reduce vehicular accidents along the popular Hwy 17. Other residents find that placing medians in Hampstead could potentially cause more accidents. Placing a median in Hampstead would mean no left-hand turns except only those at intersections with light signals, thus, forcing drivers to yield at intersections to practice proper U-Turns. Some residents feel this very thing could cause more accidents to occur. The state has agreed to fund the bypass in hopes of less traffic and accidents through the area! Right-of-way acquisition in Hampstead is to begin in May 2018. With new projects happening around here, Hampstead has quite the appeal to onlookers!